The first time you start Legendary Heroes, the Tutorial will start automatically. If you have already played the game before, you can always try the tutorial again later by choosing the Tutorial option from the game’s Main Menu.

The tutorial is a simple match designed to teach you the basics of how to control your heroes, develop them, use abilities and power-ups, and win matches. Just follow the instructions on-screen and you will learn most of what you have to know.


Match selection

Once you are ready for real matches, the first step will be to choose which match to play. At first, the choice will be easy: The first Campaign match. Later on you will have more choice.

Campaign matches are a progression meant to take you from level 1 to 30, guiding you through all the game’s content and eventually putting you up against special, unique enemies in Boss Stages. Quick Matches are quick, instant fun that is always balanced for whatever characters you take into the match.


Hero Selection

Once you know what match you want to play, you have to choose which heroes to play. You must always choose three heroes, and these will form your team. At any one time, you will be controlling one of these three characters, while a friendly AI controls the other two – You can switch which hero you control at any time during the match, so don’t worry about the order you choose them in.

Each hero is designed to fulfill a certain role, and some heroes have abilities that work well together. You can read information on each hero’s Attributes in the main Hero Selection Card, and once you choose a hero, you can read up on his skills by clicking it’s icon on the lower-right.

If you change your mind about taking a hero into a match, don’t worry. You can always click his icon on the lower-left and change your choice, up until the game has actually started.


Power-up selection

Power-ups are special powers you take into matches that can help turn the tide of the hardest fights. You can choose five different power-ups to take into each match.

In the match, the power-ups are always available, no matter which hero you are controlling. This means you can activate them with any character, at any time, unless a power-up is already active. Managing your power-ups carefully can give you a huge advantage in matches as you can, for instance, switch to a character who is low on health to quickly give him a Healing Potion power-up, or to one who is in a tough fight to give him a Superior Weapon.


Hero Skills

Every character has four unique skills. These are special abilities they can activate during the match to help overcome the enemies.

Every time a hero levels up, he earns a Skill Point. These can be spent improving one of his skills, making it permanently more powerful. When you have Skill Points available, a plus sign will be visible beside each skill’s icon, which you can click to improve the skill. Feel free to improve the skills you enjoy the most, since once you reach the maximum level (30), you will have gained enough Skill Points to max out all the skills.

Of the four skills each character has, three are Basic Skills, which can be improved every other level (Once at level one, again at level three, then at level five, etc.) and one Ultimate Skill, which can only be improved every fifth level. Until a character has gotten to level five, you cannot activate his Ultimate Skill.

Ultimate Skills are very potent special abilities which can often win fights all by themselves. However, they can only be chosen after level five, can only be improved every five levels, and tend to have longer cooldowns, or unusual weaknesses that make them tricky to use. If you like a certain hero, you should consider mastering the use of their Ultimate Skill.


Controlling Your Team

Your team always has three heroes on hand, but you will only control one of them at any time. You can switch which character you are controlling by clicking their portrait in the lower-left corner of the screen.

While controlling a character, a bonus is applied to all experience this character gains. This means you can quickly develop one character, or spread your attention over your whole team to ensure you keep a balanced mix.

While you are not controlling a character, a helper AI takes over. This Artificial Intelligence tries to support whatever it is you are doing at any one time. This means it will try to follow the character you are controlling and help him actively.

If the character you are controlling ever dies or gets too injured to fight, there is no downtime – you don’t have to wait for this character to recuperate or revive, you can just switch characters and stay right in the action. To instruct a character to go back to base and recover, just then hold your finger over his portrait – the AI will take over and head back to base until the hero is at full health again.



Some of Legendary Heroes’ matches take place in maps with two lanes. This means you have two fronts to watch over, and should spread your heroes between both of them. The AI will do this for you, but you can control the character to switch which ones hold each lane.

Lanes – whether there is only one, or two in the map – are always long corridors dotted with defensive Towers. The Towers on the half of the lane closer to your Source belong to your team, the more distant ones belong to the enemy. The means to advance towards victory is to push along a lane, defending your Towers and destroying the ones belonging to your enemy until eventually you reach their Source. Destroying the enemy’s source wins the match.



Taking on towers by yourself can be an impossible task. Luckily, both teams constantly generate waves of minions to support the heroes. When the waves of minions run into each other, they start fighting. That’s when heroes can make the most difference.

Helping your minions win the fights means they will keep pushing along the lane, helping you reach the enemy towers, take them down, and eventually get to their source and win. Be careful, though, because the enemy is trying to do the same thing to you!



Towers are very powerful static defenses. They cannot move, and so will not chase you, but their magic bolts pack a punch and can hit you from very far. To make matters worse, they are also very tough, and can take a beating before they are brought down.

To safely advance on an enemy tower and destroy it, you should help your minions advance, so that they can draw the tower’s fire. Once the tower is busy with some of your minions, you can move in to deal heavy damage with your heroes.

Towers are immune to skills. This means some characters are usually better at destroying them – look for those with the higher Attack attributes, or with skills that can increase Attack.



The Source is the goal of the game. Each team has a single Source, placed at the ends of the lane, and always defended very heavily. Destroying the enemy’s source wins the game – but having yours destroyed means you are defeated, no matter how well you were doing.

Sources are very tough buildings. Their high Armor ratings means that minions usually don’t do much damage to it – they can help a Hero get to the enemy source, but once you’re there, the heroes will have to do most of the work. If you reach the end of the lane and have a shot at destroying the enemy source, it can pay off to focus everything you have on it, to try and get a quick win.

Like Towers, Sources are immune to skills.



Completing matches will always earn you Gold and Experience – even if you lost! However, you will always earn more gold by winning matches.

Experience is gained during the match. Each time an enemy minion or hero is killed, or a structure is destroyed, all three of your characters gain some experience, even if they were not involved in the kill. Furthermore, whichever character you are actively controlling at the time gains a bonus to this experience gain.

Gold is added up at the end of the match. Every minion or hero killed and every tower destroyed is counted. Added to this is the matches’ Victory Bonus – a bonus amount of gold for winning, if you did. After all these are added, you can still gain a further bonus by completing the matches’ Secondary Objectives.



Every match you play has three objectives: One of them is a primary objective, and completing it ends the match. The other two are secondary objectives that you don’t have to complete, but doing so earns you extra rewards.

The primary Objectives are:

  • Source War: In these matches you must destroy the enemy’s source, without allowing him to destroy yours. Most matches, and all Quick Matches, are Source Wars.
  • Survival: You must survive the enemy’s attack. The enemies become more powerful over time, so the last minutes can be very hectic.
  • Time Attack: You have a limited amount of time to destroy the enemy’s Source. Enemies do slowly become more powerful, so early, aggressive action is best.

The secondary Objectives are:

  • Dominance: You must kill enemy heroes four times more often than they kill yours.
  • Invincibility: At least one of your heroes must not have died even once.
  • Killing Spree: One of your heroes must kill enemy heroes multiple times in a row, without being killed in turn.
  • Lose No Towers: None of your towers must have been destroyed.
  • Undamaged Towers: None of your towers must have suffered any damage at all.
  • Defeat Boss: Your must kill a specific boss enemy a given amount of times.

Secondary Objectives are usually very difficult to attain, and you will need either higher level characters or power-ups to attain them.

When you attain a Secondary Objective, you gain a bonus of 30% to all gold gained in the match. When you attain both of them, you gain a bonus 60% gold, and also some Crystal.